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Share Your Research on a Blog

How can researchers provide information about their studies in ways that would be useful and interesting to prospective and current research participants? With that question in my mind, MethodSpace’s Janet Salmons began to explore the potential for blogs to recruit and inform participants. As with almost any online exploration, she discovered a much broader potential for blogs in the academic world.

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Oldest alphabet from 4 millennia ago might be somewhat like Hebrew?

That would make it and other very ancient documents possibly decipherable. From Bruce Bower at ScienceNews: The world’s earliest alphabet, inscribed on stone slabs at several Egyptian sites, was an early form of Hebrew, a controversial new analysis concludes.Israelites living in Egypt transformed that civilization’s hieroglyphics into Hebrew 1.0 more than 3,800 years ago, at […]

Grant Writing For Dummies, 6th Edition

  Discover enterprising ways to get grantsWrite compelling applications for grant fundingFind budgets, sample letters and more onlineFind and win grant moneyGrant writing can be daunting, but this book gives you everything you need to get …

The Financialisation of Academic Knowledge Production

As part of our series on academic freedom, Dylan Kerrigan discusses the wider implications of the financialisation of academic knowledge production by considering academic book publishing. He asks if the success of academic books is best measured by economic or non-economic criteria, by its impact on the business sector or its veracity, by ideological myth-making or evidence.

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