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Academy of Social Sciences Names 83 New Fellows

The Academy of Social Sciences has conferred the award of fellow on 83 leading social scientists, including such luminaries as Lord Stern, Nudge Unit founder David Halpern and Madeleine Atkins of HEFCE.

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Feeling down? Eat fruits and vegetables

This is sort of one of those stories that tells you what you already know, but it’s nice to have it confirmed by science. According to new research, eating fruit and vegetables makes us happier. Anyone who already eats fruit and other healthy food regularly will already be fully aware of the impact healthy eating […]

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The effect of reverse discrimination on the young

I’m not a huge fan of the topic of racial and gender discrimination. The heated debates that go around it have always made me uncomfortable because I couldn’t care less what gender or race someone is, isn’t or, in the case of gender, has changed to. However, while teaching a couple weeks ago a little [...]

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