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Academy of Social Sciences Names 83 New Fellows

The Academy of Social Sciences has conferred the award of fellow on 83 leading social scientists, including such luminaries as Lord Stern, Nudge Unit founder David Halpern and Madeleine Atkins of HEFCE.

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Debunking The Old “There Is No Evidence of God” Canard

Recently some of our opponents have trotted out the old, long-since debunked, unsupportable universal claim “there is no evidence of God”. Let me illustrate how this is just another emotionally-addicted, rhetorical maxim atheists cling to without any real thought in the matter. Facts, as defined by Merriam-Webster: something that truly exists or happens : something […]

First record of Streptosyllis nunezi Faulwetter et al., 2008 (Annelida, Syllidae) from the United Kingdom, and amendment to the genus Streptosyllis Webster & Benedict, 1884

ZooKeys 582: 1-11
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.582.8006
Authors: Will Musk, Sarah Faulwetter, Paul McIlwaine
Abstract: During a benthic survey of a Marine Conservation Zone located on the Skerries Bank in the English Channel off the south-…

Man caught looking up at women in outhouse

Kenneth Webster Enlow. (Tulsa County Sherrifs office/HO) An Oklahoma man was arrested after peering at women on the toilet while he hid below in the bowels of an outhouse. The Tulsa County Sherrifs office was initially called to the public washroom o…

Say aloha to cancer (opinion)

(NaturalNews)The following information is based upon offerings by R.Webster Kehr, Patrick McGean and Ron Neer. The essential protocol to reverse cancer is to get massive amounts of oxygen inside the cells in the body. By doing this, …

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