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Einstein in four *spatial* dimension

Why many physicists chose to define the universe in terms of the physical properties of a time or space-time dimension instead of four *spatial* dimensions is puzzling because, as was shown in the earlier article "Defining time" Sept 20, 2007 there is no observational evidence supporting it having physical properties.  Gravity and space-time But even […]

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Flashback Friday: What are dogs saying by wagging their tails? The language of left and right wags.

It has already been shown that dogs wag their tails asymmetrically when presented with different stimuli, and other dogs seem to behave differently when viewing left vs. right wags of robot tails . But do dogs actually have different emotional response…

The Holy Grail Of Holograms: High Resolution, Wide Viewing Angle

Researchers have developed a holographic 3D display technology has six times the normal viewing angle.

How much time should kids spend on screens?

In a world dominated by smartphone games like Pokemon Go and powerful game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, parents seeking tips on how much screen time they should let their children have were typically met with outdated recommendations. Now, in an attempt to keep pace with an increasingly technology-dominated world, officials […]

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