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Dog gene holds clues for neural tube defects

UC DAVIS  (US) — Scientists have discovered a gene related to neural tube defects in dogs, as well as evidence that the gene may be a key risk factor for anencephaly and spina bifida in humans. Human neural tube defects affect more than 300,000 babi…

Antibodies during pregnancy linked to autism

UC DAVIS (US) — Antibodies found only in mothers of children with autism cross the placenta during pregnancy and affect brain development.The brain changes result in a form of autism known as maternal antibody-related (MAR) autism. The condition coul…

In acidic water, reef runs wild with algae

UC DAVIS (US) — Entire ecosystems can degrade in acidic water, according to experiments near volcanic vents off the coast of Italy.Scientists say the findings point to the potential longterm effects of ocean acidification.

Veggies ‘on the clock’ may be healthier

RICE (US) — Using cycles of light and dark to maintain vegetables’ “internal clocks” after harvest could have health benefits, say researchers. “Vegetables and fruits don’t die the moment they are harvested,” says…

Does your salad know what time it is?

Does your salad know what time it is? It may be healthier for you if it does, according to new research from Rice University and the University of California at Davis.
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