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Eric Holloway: The Turing test is unscientific

Holloway: This test for intelligence, the Turing Test, was invented by and named after the mid-twentieth century computer pioneer Alan Turing. It is a subjective test in that it depends on whether an artificial intelligence is capable of convincing human testers that it is a human. But fooling humans, while impressive, is not really the same thing as actually possessing human-level intelligence.

Robots Could Hack Turing Test by Keeping Silent

While it’s not news that the Turing test has flaws, the new study highlights just how limited the test is for answering deeper questions about artificial intelligence, study co-author says

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Turings Cathedral by George Dyson – review

computing devices. But whereas in Britain Turing's insights were harnessed to build machines for code-breaking, across the Atlantic they were constructing machines for more mundane military …

Gödel, Human Intuition, and Intelligent Design

This is a great video on the interplay between the ideas of Gödel and Turing on what Gödel’s incompleteness means for the mind. This is of great importance to ID, because it indicates what it means for “design” as opposed to “mechanism”, and the limitations of any mechanistic/physicalist model of reality and humanity. Kurt Gödel:… more

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