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The Underappreciated Threat of Volcanic Tsunamis

Tsunamis caused by volcanoes are responsible for nearly a quarter of all deaths caused by eruptions, yet we have only now started to understand them.

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A warning system for tsunamis

Seismologists have created a new algorithm that could one day help give coastal cities early warning of incoming tsunamis.
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Ancient Mars Was Wet and Wild

Not only was Mars once a wet planet. New evidence, published today in Nature’s Scientific Reports, paints a picture of violent tsunamis as well.
Tsunamis on Earth are often caused by earthquakes on the ocean floor or similar events. To an extent, tha…

Scientists find evidence of 400-foot tsunamis on Mars

Massive tsunamis may have swept across ancient Mars and shaped the landscape in the process, according to a new paper in the journal Scientific Reports. The Martian tsunamis, thought to have reached around 400 feet high as they raced over the planet’s surface, could have been caused by two large meteorites slamming into Mars. The […]

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