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Democracy Threatened When Census Undercounts Populations

The 2020 U.S. Census is still two years away, but experts and civil rights groups are already disputing the results. Professor Emily Merchant’s research on the international history of demography demonstrates that the question of how to equitably count the population is not new, nor is it unique to the United States.

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Brazilian chemist explains how intelligent design informs his science

We talk to Marcos Eberlin, Thomson Mass Spectrometry Lab, Brazil: 1. Enezio tells me you are interested in the concept of design in nature. Do you relate it to your work in mass spectrometry or to other, larger issues, or both? J. J. Thomson, the father of mass spectrometry—the man who discovered the electron and won the Nobel […]

Report: Farming major threat

Farming and hunting pose a more immediate threat to wildlife than climate change, researchers said, in a controversial plea to redirect resources earmarked for species conservation.In an analysis of nearly 9000 “threatened” or “near-threatened”…

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