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Einstein in four *spatial* dimension

Why many physicists chose to define the universe in terms of the physical properties of a time or space-time dimension instead of four *spatial* dimensions is puzzling because, as was shown in the earlier article "Defining time" Sept 20, 2007 there is no observational evidence supporting it having physical properties.  Gravity and space-time But even […]

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LiveScience publishes stale dated origin of life theories from 2007 in 2016

LiveScience publishes stale dated origin of life theories from 2007 in 2016 It’s not their fault. No serious new developments in the intervening years. From Ker Than at LiveScience, a rehash of competing origin of life theories, concluding with: Trying to recreate an event that happened billions of years ago is a daunting task, but […]

Should physics even try to converge on a grand unified theory?

From Manjit Kumar at Physics World, reviewing Peter Watson’s Convergence: the Deepest Idea in the Universe, expresses some caution about that: Wherever experimental evidence can be coaxed out of nature, it suffices to corroborate or refute a theory and serves as the sole arbiter of validity. But where evidence is sparse or absent, other criteria, […]

The conservation of space-time.

In physics, the conservation laws state the measurable property of an isolated physical system does not change as the system evolves over time. They include the laws of conservation of energy, linear momentum, angular momentum, and electric charge. Einstein’s General Relativity, from 1905 to 2005 – Kip Thorne – However these laws suggest the existence […]

Sydney: Conference on fine tuning, multiverse, and life, November 24-25, 2016

From University of Sydney: We invite you to the 2016 Fine-tuning, the Multiverse and Life Workshop, hosted at the University of Sydney. Issues of fine-tuning and naturalness are central to evaluating such physical and cosmological theories as inflation and extension to the Standard model of particle physics, including supersymmetry. In addition, our values of the […]

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