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Andrew Ferguson reviews Wolfe’s Kingdom of Speech at Commentary

The Kingdom of Speech Here: When The Kingdom of Speech, Tom Wolfe’s new book-length essay, was published in late summer, it received generally respectful reviews in the popular press, fitting for the Grand Old Man of Letters that Wolfe, through no fault of his own, has become. … This time around the notable exception was […]

Breaking: Birds fly forward. Big US textbook author defends Darwinism to Royal Society

A friend notes that Doug Futuyma’s abstract for the upcoming Royal Society Public Evolution Summit is now available. Based on the predictable and disappointing verbiage, the friend fears that the meeting will fizzle: Abstract: The evolutionary synthesis today: extend or amend? Evolutionary theory has been extended almost continually since the Evolutionary Synthesis, but the principal tenets of […]

Neurology: A Queen Square Textbook, 2nd Edition

  Neurology: A Queen Square Textbook, second edition, is a fully revised and updated companion that demonstrates the rapid pace of advancement within clinical neurology and applied neurosciences  Read More…

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