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Researchers develop first ‘living’ cancer treatment

Nanomachines capable of drilling holes in the membranes of individual cells could soon be a new weapon in the battle against cancer, as new research has demonstrated that the motorized molecules can effectively be used to kill off tumor cells in a mere 60 seconds. The breakthrough, described in a report published Thursday by The […]

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A method and apparatus for locating and selecting a colony of microorganisms on a culture dish and identifying microorganisms in said selected colony using MALDI. The method comprises the automated steps of locating and selecting a colony of microorgan…

Pigeons use distinct stop phases to control pecking [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Leslie M. Theunissen, Thomas Reid, and Nikolaus F. TrojePecking at small targets requires accurate spatial coordination of the head. Goodale (1983a) suggested that planning of the peck happens during two distinct stop phases, but although this idea ha…

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