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The post-Brexit & post-Trump (etc.) “populism” canard

It seems the impact of Brexit followed by Trump [= “Amer-exit” ?] is stirring up a sharp reaction in global halls of power, leading for instance to resort to a loaded, one-word, barbed dismissal of the presumed ignorant, stupid, insane or wicked masses: Thus, we see in the just linked and clipped Bloomberg report: >>The […]

The First Dinosaurs’ Surprise Neighbors: Lagerpetids

Two new Triassic species found in Brazil and dating from the very Dawn of Dinosaurs are filling in some important gaps in the fossil record, including what one of the first dinosaurs ate (hint: not what you might think) and which other animals shared …

Trump’s victory – why the surprise, why the anger?

This morning my social media threads seem full of emotional outbursts, even hatred, and the ripping of garments. All over the results of the US presidential elections. But I have to ask – why this emotion? Why the surprise? And why blame the voters. …

Researchers accidentally discover how to make ethanol using CO2

Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have apparently accidentally found an efficient and inexpensive way to produce ethanol by using a copper nanoparticle catalyst to turn the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the renewable, alcohol-based fuel source. According to New Atlas and Popular Science, the Tennessee-based research team found that by taking their […]

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