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China’s new supercomputer blows everything else out the water

Until very recently the fastest supercomputer in the world belonged to China. It has now been replaced by the Sunway TaihuLight – also from China. In fifteen years China has gone from having zero supercomputers in the top 500 to having more than any other country. Oh, and the TaihuLight uses chips made solely in China. It will be 2018 before anything faster comes […]

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Sculpting flow: Supercomputers help microfluidics researchers make waves at the microscopic level

Researchers have discovered a new way of sculpting tailor-made fluid flows by placing microscale pillars in microfluidic channels. The method could allow clinicians to better separate white blood cells in a sample, increase mixing in industrial applica…

‘Shields to maximum, Mr. Scott’: Simulating orbital debris impacts on spacecraft and fragment impacts on body armor

Running hundreds of simulations on TACC supercomputers, University of Texas mechanical engineering professor Eric Fahrenthold assisted NASA in the development of ballistic limit curves that predict whether a shield will be perforated when hit by a proj…

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