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Soil micro-organisms older than thought

Researcher: With cell densities of over 1,000 per square millimeter and a diversity of producers and consumers, these microfossils represent a functioning terrestrial ecosystem, not just a few stray cells. From ScienceDaily: “Life was not only present but thriving in soils of the early Earth about two thirds of the way back to its formation […]

Life on land took hold 300 million years earlier than we thought

Newly discovered evidence of microbial activity in tiny grains of the iron sulfide mineral pyrite indicate that life took hold on land as early as 3.2 billion years ago, a team of German researchers reported this week in Geology, the official journal of the Geological Society of America. Sami Nabhan of the Free University of […]

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False biosignatures complicate search for earliest life

From ScienceDaily: The geological search for ancient life frequently zeroes in on fossilized organic structures or biominerals that can serve as “biosignatures,” that survive in the rock record over extremely long time scales. Mineral elements such as sulfur are often formed through biological activity. Microbes can also produce a variety of telltale extracellular structures that […]

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