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The unusual eyes of Xenos peckii (Strepsiptera: Xenidae) have green- and UV{-}-sensitive photoreceptors [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Marisano James, Sri Pratima Nandamuri, Aaron Stahl, and Elke K. Buschbeck
The highly specialized evolution of Strepsiptera has produced one of the most unusual eyes among mature insects, perhaps in line with their extremely complex and challenging lif…

A new species of Mengenilla (Insecta, Strepsiptera) from Tunisia

ZooKeys 198 (2012): 79-102
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.198.2334
Authors: Hans Pohl, Oliver Niehuis, Kai Gloyna, Bernhard Misof, Rolf Beutel
Abstract: A new species of Mengenilla Hofeneder, 1910 (Strepsiptera, Mengenillida…

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