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Cutaneous water collection by a moisture-harvesting lizard, the thorny devil (Moloch horridus) [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Philipp Comanns, Philip C. Withers, Falk J. Esser, and Werner Baumgartner
Moisture-harvesting lizards, such as the Australian thorny devil, Moloch horridus, have the remarkable ability to inhabit arid regions. Special skin structures, comprising a mic…

Oxygen doesn’t benefit everyone with COPD

A new study indicates that supplemental oxygen does not benefit a large group of patients […]

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Academy of Social Sciences Names 83 New Fellows

The Academy of Social Sciences has conferred the award of fellow on 83 leading social scientists, including such luminaries as Lord Stern, Nudge Unit founder David Halpern and Madeleine Atkins of HEFCE.

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Doug Axe: Every reason for optimism on deepest questions in biology

From the conclusion of Douglas Axe’s Undeniable: That the deepest questions in biology have not yet been answered means they are still asking to be answered. Anyone who cares to examine the facts carefully will see that the old answers were wrong. They have now been erased, in our minds anyway, and we must sit […]

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