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NASA detects strongest solar flare in more than a decade

A pair of solar flares, including the most powerful one in more than a decade, were detected by  NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory sun-monitoring probe early Wednesday morning, experts at the US space agency confirmed in an announcement released later on in the day. The first of the two flares was classified as an X2.2 flare […]

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We’ve created a ‘bubble’ around the Earth

The effects of human activity have long been cited as a primary cause of global climate change, but new research from NASA has revealed that our use of technology also appears to be having an impact not just on the planet, but on Earth’s near-space environment as well. As the US space agency announced on […]

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ESA expands space weather services

Paris (ESA) Nov 21, 2016

A major expansion in the space weather information and services provided by ESA will help satellites in space and networks like power grids on Earth to cope with solar eruptions. Scientists, engineers and researchers across…

72 Years Of Analog Space Weather Data Goes Digital

Researchers have digitalized past analog recordings of space weather, shedding light on future patterns of plasma movement in near-Earth space.

Digitalization of analog data reveals past space weather patterns

Kyoto, Japan (SPX) Jun 21, 2016

If you’re about to throw out old data on bulky paper, hold your horses. A Japanese team have digitalized magnetogram recordings taken before direct observations by satellites became available. The analog recordings, …

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