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Americans Love Their Internet And Smartphones

The Pew Research Center survey found 77 percent of American adults owning a smartphone in late 2016, more than double the level of 2011, when 35 percent said they used such Smartphone, internet use at record high in US: surveyMore than…

How much time should kids spend on screens?

In a world dominated by smartphone games like Pokemon Go and powerful game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, parents seeking tips on how much screen time they should let their children have were typically met with outdated recommendations. Now, in an attempt to keep pace with an increasingly technology-dominated world, officials […]

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Kodak Will Make A Camera-Focused Smartphone

When you think of Kodak, the words “Android smartphone” don’t usually come to mind. But that may change: the camera company is shifting its gaze from film and disposable cameras to letting you capture that Kodak moment with your phone–specifically a K…

How To Blow Up A Phone Launch

The Galaxy Note 7 was meant to serve as Samsung’s best 5.7-inch, stylus-wielding smartphone. Introduced in August to great fanfare, the new Note device not only offered Samsung users an updated smartphone option, it also served as a way to tide over cu…

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