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How babies learn to walk holds potential clues to autism

“Our findings may allow us to identify the brain regions and networks that can predict aspects of autism before it’s possible to make a clinical diagnosis.”

Researchers discover why disturbed sleep hampers learning

It seems obvious that a poor night’s sleep would hamper a person’s ability to learn new skills or information, but now researchers from the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have for the first time scientifically established a causal link between the two. While it had long been hypothesized that deep […]

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Study: Change in morality 100 kya enabled autism sufferers to integrate into society

From ScienceDaily: A subtle change occurred in our evolutionary history 100,000 years ago which allowed people who thought and behaved differently – such as individuals with autism – to be integrated into society, academics from the University of York have concluded. The change happened with the emergence of collaborative morality – an investment in the […]

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