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Have astronomers found the ‘missing link’ of black hole evolution?

Astronomers believe that they have discovered an enormous new black hole thought to be nearly 100,000 more massive than the sun near the center of the Milky Way, and it may be the first ever actual detection of a long-hypothesized-but-never-proven type of space-time phenomena. Writing in the journal Nature Astronomy, a team of researchers led […]

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Moro bars and triple dips: Geoff Simmons fact checks Paula Bennett’s clean unit claim

The Morgan Foundation’s Geoff Simmons has done a whiteboard Friday video on Minister for Climate Change Issues Paula Bennett’s claim that the surplus emission units are not tainted by the 97 million fake Russian and Ukrainian emission reduction uni…

Broadband noise exposure does not affect hearing sensitivity in big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Andrea Megela Simmons, Kelsey N. Hom, Michaela Warnecke, and James A. Simmons
In many vertebrates, exposure to intense sounds under certain stimulus conditions can induce temporary threshold shifts that reduce hearing sensitivity. Susceptibility to th…

Tyler Perry Talks Science Fiction And Whether Well Ever See Madea In Space

Tyler Perry has had tremendous success with his fictional character Mabel "Madea" Simmons, but he won't be sending her to space anytime soon. On HuffPost Live Wednesday, the media mogul expressed his love for science fiction films and s…

Hot mugshot photo prompts marriage proposals

Unflattering mugshots An attractive young woman arrested for drinking and driving almost three years ago is receiving marriage proposals from all over the Internet after someone circulated her mugshot. "It's crazy lol i don't understand…

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