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Google Maps teaches algorithm to identify city trees

A new method uses data from satellite and street-level images, such as the ones you […]

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Defending Darwinian view of speciation at PLOS

At PLOSOne, What Is Speciation? Abstract: Concepts and definitions of species have been debated by generations of biologists and remain controversial. Microbes pose a particular challenge because of their genetic diversity, asexual reproduction, and often promiscuous horizontal gene transfer (HGT). However, microbes also present an opportunity to study and understand speciation because of their rapid […]

Monsanto strong-armed science journal to retract Seralini study showing liver, kidney toxicity in rats fed GMOs and glyphosate

(NaturalNews) Corporate collusion and secret backroom dealings between at least two editors from the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) and biotechnology giant Monsanto are what ultimately led to the unwarranted retraction of a major study show…

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