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In This Indebted World, Austerity May Be Forever

By 2010, everyone had heard the ‘austerity’ rallying cry. Immediately following the 2008 financial crisis, especially in Europe, it resounded: ‘Stimulate no more, now is the time for all to tighten!’ And tighten governments did, cutting public expenditure across continental Europe, and in the United Kingdom and the United States. The logic behind ‘austerity’ holds […]

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Shopping trolleys and superbugs: an FAQ

A story about a baby catching a life-threatening infection from a shopping trolley has made the headlines. So what was this life threatening infection, and was the trolley really to blame? This story originally appeared in the DailyMail Australia whic…

Self-driving Shopping Carts Could Greet You at Walmart

If it has wheels, there’s a good chance someone, somewhere is going figuring out how to make it roll on its own.

Last week, for example, the United States government granted Walmart’s patent request (thank you, Patent Yogi) for a system of self-…

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