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Suzan Mazur: Information science and design in nature

Suzan Mazur kindly writes to note, While there is still no scientific consensus on what “life” is — although that does not deter attempts to make life in the lab — there is a growing conversation among scientists about life’s “information” component. However, scientists also find it difficult articulating just what information is. So I […]

Dawkins: The gift that keeps on giving

From Adam Shapiro at Religion Dispatches: Did Richard Dawkins hand creationists their next school strategy? It’s not just ID and antievolution that has historically found itself entangled with religious advocacy. According to Luskin, evolution’s history is also rife with supporters making religious or irreligious claims. When a New Atheist figurehead like Richard Dawkins claims that […]

James Shapiro on intelligence in nature

Biochemist James Shapiro told Suzan Mazur in The Paradigm Shifters: Overthrowing “the Hegemony of the Culture of Darwin,” Genome change is not the result of accidents. If you have accidents and they’re not fixed, the cells die. It’s in the course of fixing damage or responding to damage or responding to other inputs—in the case […]

Two Stanford scientists win National Medal of Science

Stanford University biologist Lucy Shapiro and physicist Sidney Drell were among those awarded a National Medal of Science on Friday.
Both were among the dozen scientist chosen for the award in 2011, …

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