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Sexual morphs of Pterocomma tremulae Börner, 1940 (Aphididae, Aphidinae) with description of male reproductive system

ZooKeys 686: 125-136
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.686.14493
Authors: Agnieszka Nowińska, Ewa Mróz, Łukasz Depa
Abstract: Paper presents the first description of the so far unknown sexual generation of Pterocomma tremulae (Aphididae, Aph…

Love or abuse? Many teens can’t tell the difference

Many people involved in abusive partner relationships don’t think of the mistreatment as abuse, say […]

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How many notches on your bedpost make you most attractive? The answer might surprise you.

Can too much sexual experience make someone unattractive? That’s what these scientists set out to determine using an online survey. They asked men and women whether they’d be willing to get involved in relationships with people who had different number…

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