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Suzan Mazur: Amazing that the Royal Society meeting happened at all

From Suzan Mazur at Huffington Post on the rethinking evolution meeting earlier this month: The event would have benefited from someone in the wings with a hook restraining speakers who insisted on relying on the mantra of natural selection to fill in the blanks of their science. Repeated references to the term became almost comical. […]

Are humans evolving, due to technological changes?

From Darren Curnoe at RealClearScience: Geneticists have found clear evidence that the choices people make can have profound impacts on the evolution of entire populations, and ultimately, our species as well. Some striking examples have been found like that both women and men are currently under selection for earlier age at first birth across a […]

No, wait, Neanderthal DNA IS useful!

Recently, we were hearing about how most Neanderthal DNA got deleted from our genome by natural selection. Now, from Anna Azolinsky at The Scientist: The interbreeding of Neanderthals and Denisovans with Homo sapiens resulted in advantageous Neanderthal-inherited alleles in the genomes of a diverse range of modern humans, according to genomicists. The team’s analysis, published today (November […]

Demystifying animal ‘personality (or not): why individual variation matters to experimental biologists [COMMENTARY]

Dominique G. Roche, Vincent Careau, and Sandra A. BinningAnimal ‘personality’, defined as repeatable inter-individual differences in behaviour, is a concept in biology that faces intense controversy. Critics argue that the field is riddled…

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