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The quantization of space

Quantum mechanics defines our observable physical environment only in terms of the probabilistic values associated with Schrödinger’s wave equation. More specifically it defines a particle in terms of the instantaneous collapse of a wave function which it assumes extends form one edge of the universe to the other. Schrodinger Equation and Material Waves However this […]

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Which came first the Quantum chicken or Relativistic egg?

The fact that we need two theories to explain the evolution of our universe means that one of them must have originated before the other. For example Einstein’s relativistic and gravitational theories can explain predict the evolution of the large scale structure and movement of the stars and planets but cannot explain the structure of […]

The causality of quantum probabilities or why God must play dice.

Is it possible to define the “reality” behind the quantum world of probabilities in terms of the physical concepts of causality in the space-time environment defined by Einstein?  Quantum Mechanics Probability and Uncertainty Quantum theory defines the existence of particles in terms of a mathematically generated probability function created by Schrödinger’s wave equation and assumes […]

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