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Alt-Right? Fake News? Down The Rabbit Hole

There are a couple of memes the globalists and elite media organizations are attempting to spread in order to get in front of what may be the worst political scandals in history. First, they are using the term “Alt-Right” as a systemic smear phrase by lumping actual neo-nazi, white nationalist right wing groups in with […]

The EpiPen pricing scandal continues, as questions arise regarding possible Medicaid fraud

(NaturalNews) The scope of the EpiPen pricing scandal continues to widen, with new questions arising regarding antitrust violations, Medicaid fraud and collusion with state education boards.EpiPen is an epinephrine injection device that has been market…

Ethics and the doping scandal – a response

International Olympic Committee (IOC) decisions about participation of athletes from the Russian Federation in the Rio Olympics have brought both criticism and support – from the political as well as the sporting communities. The issues of sports dop…

Love Guv Elliot Spitzer appears on Jay Leno

Spitzer re-enters politics NEW YORK – Eliot Spitzer, the former New York governor who is now attempting a political resurrection, is willing to talk about the prostitution scandal that forced him to resign, but perhaps not crack a joke about it. Spitz…

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