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The costs of antimicrobial resistance

What might the economic costs of antibiotic/antimicrobial-resistant infections be in New Zealand? The simple answer is – we don’t know. As far as I’m aware, there’s been no New Zealand studies publicly disseminated on this topic. Therefore, we …

Antibiotic resistance is looming but we can protect the children

In another life I used to sit on teams that developed something called ‘clinical guidance’. We would draw together published evidence and make recommendations on what best practice should look like. I sat on one such group for rheumatic fever. Rheu…

Antibiotic Resistance: Evolution at work?

Over at PhysOrg they have a story about how certain bacteria, when under stress conditions, shut themselves down and put themselves into a persistent state. They do it by modifying the chemicals involved in t-RNA. No, it’s not a “point mutation”—which is tauted as an icon of Darwinian evolution, but the utilization of an “alternate […]

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