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Melinda Mills on Sociogenomics

Combining sociology and genetics, Melinda Mills and her collaborators abandon the nature v. nurture controversy for empirical research on family formation, inequality, child-rearing and other real-life concerns. In this Social Science Bites podcast, she discusses this new field of ‘sociogenomics.’

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Effects of a social cue on reproductive development and pre-alternate molt in seasonally breeding migrant and resident female songbirds (Zonotrichia leucophrys) [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Helen E. Chmura, Simone L. Meddle, John C. Wingfield, and Thomas P. Hahn
To time reproduction optimally, birds have evolved diverse mechanisms by which they respond to environmental changes that help them anticipate and prepare for the breeding season…

Sexual morphs of Pterocomma tremulae Börner, 1940 (Aphididae, Aphidinae) with description of male reproductive system

ZooKeys 686: 125-136
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.686.14493
Authors: Agnieszka Nowińska, Ewa Mróz, Łukasz Depa
Abstract: Paper presents the first description of the so far unknown sexual generation of Pterocomma tremulae (Aphididae, Aph…

The next frontier in reproductive tourism? Genetic modification

Rosa Castro, Duke University The birth of the first baby born using a technique called mitochondrial replacement, which uses DNA from three people to “correct” an inherited genetic mutation, was announced on Sept. 27. Mitochondrial replacement or d…

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