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Einstein in four *spatial* dimension

Why many physicists chose to define the universe in terms of the physical properties of a time or space-time dimension instead of four *spatial* dimensions is puzzling because, as was shown in the earlier article "Defining time" Sept 20, 2007 there is no observational evidence supporting it having physical properties.  Gravity and space-time But even […]

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What qualifies as science in the wonderful world of Disney

The scientific enterprise entails: 1. observation 2. hypothesis 3. testing Consider this passage from the class text of an introductory cosmology class I took once upon a time: galaxies farther than 4300 megaparsecs from us are currently moving away from us at speeds greater than that of light. Cosmological innocents sometimes exclaim, “Gosh! Doesn’t this… more

Visual search in hunting archerfish shares all hallmarks of human performance [Research Article]

Ingo Rischawy and Stefan SchusterArcherfish are renowned for shooting down aerial prey with water jets, but nothing is known about the ways they spot prey items in their richly structured mangrove habitats. We trained archerfish to stably assign the ca…

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