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Is God Really Good?

Chapter 6, “Is God Really Good?” of my new Wipf and Stock book Christianity for Doubters is almost the same as the “Epilogue” of my 2015 Discovery Institute Press book In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design. What does the problem of pain have to do with intelligent design? A lot, I think, […]

Solar Eye Candy

If you follow ImaGeo with any regularity, you probably know that I’m a bit obsessed with the sun. (And clouds too. But that’s another story…) So I check in almost every day with the Facebook page of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. The image above …

Time Warner Plays Hardball In Effort To Preserve Ailing TV Model

Michael Harper for – Your Universe Online

For many years, analysts and fans alike have been patiently waiting for Apple to release either a physical television set or a new set top box, both expected to be paired with a new and revoluti…

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