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New device lets paralyzed man move his arm with just his thoughts

A paralyzed 56-year-old Cleveland man has purportedly become the first person ever to regain the use of his hand and arm with the assistance of a brain-computer interface, according to new led by doctors from Case Western Reserve University and two Ohio-based hospitals. The patient’s name is Bill Kochevar, and according to NPR, he was […]

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Persistent microbiome alterations modulate the rate of post-dieting weight regain

In tackling the obesity pandemic, significant efforts are devoted to the development of effective weight reduction strategies, yet many dieting individuals fail to maintain a long-term weight reduction, and instead undergo excessive weight regain cycles. The mechanisms driving recurrent post-dieting obesity remain largely elusive. Here, we identify an intestinal microbiome signature that persists after successful dieting of obese mice, which contributes to faster weight regain and metabolic aberrations upon re-exposure to obesity-promoting conditions and transmits the accelerated weight regain phenotype upon inter-animal transfer. We develop a machine-learning algorithm that enables personalized microbiome-based prediction of the extent of post-dieting weight regain. Additionally, we find that the microbiome contributes to diminished post-dieting flavonoid levels and reduced energy expenditure, and demonstrate that flavonoid-based ‘post-biotic’ intervention ameliorates excessive secondary weight gain. Together, our data highlight a possible microbiome contribution to accelerated post-dieting weight regain, and suggest that microbiome-targeting approaches may help to diagnose and treat this common disorder.

Brain implant lets paralyzed monkeys walk

Scientists have used a wireless “brain-spinal interface” to bypass spinal cord injuries in a pair […]

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Wireless brain implant lets paralyzed monkeys walk again

In a breakthrough that could one day help people with paraplegia walk again, researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) have helped paralyzed monkeys regain the use of their legs following a spinal cord injury using a new wireless device. According to CNN and the New York Times, the EPFL scientists […]

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