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IBM and Sony stuff 330 TB on a tiny tape

For the fifth time in just over a decade, IBM has set a new record for magnetic tape storage, as the New York-based computing giant has successfully captured 330 terabytes of uncompressed data – equal to more than 300 million books – onto a cartridge you can hold in your hand. According to The Verge, […]

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Chinese scientists use satellite to smash quantum entanglement record

SPOOKY ACTION: Scientists have used satellite technology for the first time to generate and transmit entangled photons – particles of light – across a record distance of 1,200 kilometres on Earth.

Ptychadena in Mauritania and the first record of Ptychadena schillukorum

ZooKeys 673: 125-133
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.673.10265
Authors: Alberto Sánchez-Vialas, Marta Calvo-Revuelta, Rafael Márquez
Abstract: The study of specimens of the genus Ptychadena of the herpetological collection of the Museo Naci…

Americans Love Their Internet And Smartphones

The Pew Research Center survey found 77 percent of American adults owning a smartphone in late 2016, more than double the level of 2011, when 35 percent said they used such Smartphone, internet use at record high in US: surveyMore than…

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