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Rabies, The Bestial Virus

In America, perhaps one to three people will die of the infection every year, and yet anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 people will receive post-exposure vaccination to avoid the dreadful possibility of fatal infection with rabies.

Today is the tenth ann…

The Bestial Virus: The Infectious Origins of Werewolves, Zombies & Vampires

Rabies is one of mankind’s long-feared diseases. And rightfully so: for centuries, a bite from a crazed, slavering animal was almost always a guarantee of a slow warping of the mind and a pained, gruesome demise. A death sentence.

I just recently …

Gallery: Animals Can Suffer Human Diseases Too

Zoonotic diseases can go from us to them. Click to launch the photo gallery This week we found out that fruit flies can get depressed–in at least one experiment, anyway–after they realize they cannot escape uncomfortable heat no matter what they do….

Discovery Could Lead to New Drugs to Block Deadly Viruses

U.S. researchers have discovered a class of potent chemical compounds that could stop a host of viruses in their tracks, including the deadly Marburg and Ebola viruses and pathogens that cause rabies, mumps and measles. Drugs made from the compounds wo…

Study reveals potential treatments for Ebola and a range of other deadly viruses

Illnesses caused by many of the world’s most deadly viruses cannot be effectively treated with existing drugs or vaccines. A study published by Cell Press in the March 21 issue of the journal Chemistry & Biology has revealed several compounds that …

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