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The quantization of space

Quantum mechanics defines our observable physical environment only in terms of the probabilistic values associated with Schrödinger’s wave equation. More specifically it defines a particle in terms of the instantaneous collapse of a wave function which it assumes extends form one edge of the universe to the other. Schrodinger Equation and Material Waves However this […]

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The quantum properties of non-point particles

Quantum theory: it’s unreal We know that everything in the universe including particles have physical size. Even so for the past 50 years, the Standard Model of particle physics which many say has given us the most complete mathematical description of the particles and forces that shape our world ignores this fact and treats them […]

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The relevance of classical mechanics to a quantum environment.

Presently there is disconnect between our understanding of the probabilistic world of quantum mechanics and the classical one of causality because it can predict with precision the future position of an object while the other cannot. However this may just be an illusion resulting from a lack of understanding of the quantum environment. One of […]

A classical interpretation of observer based reality.

Can one integrate the quantum mechanical interpretation of electromagnetism with the classical concepts of a particle and wave?  We think so. One of the most troubling aspects of its interpretation at least to classical or relativistic physicists is how the role of an observer defines the system under observation. The Electromagnetic Spectrum For example many […]

Infinities: what do they mean for Quantum theory.

Something that is infinite or the quality of having no limits or end cannot exist or be a part of the physically observable environment we live in primarily because it is finite. Some might disagree by pointing out that we cannot know the full extent of our universe because the speed of light puts limits […]

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