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Expert: We need a global coordinated response to COVID-19

Without coordination within and across countries, COVID-19 will endlessly re-emerge, with devastating consequences for public health and the global economy.

Evidence Is Encouraging but Insufficient That Three Interventions Might Slow Cognitive Decline and the Onset of Dementia

Cognitive training, blood pressure management for people with hypertension, and increased physical activity all show modest but inconclusive evidence that they can help prevent cognitive decline and dementia, but there is insufficient evidence to suppo…

WHO claims Zika is no longer a ‘public health emergency’

Despite the fact that it continues to spread throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and regions of  southeast Asia, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Friday that it no longer views the spread of the Zika virus as a public health emergency of international concern. Rather, the public health division of the United Stations is […]

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