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Uncle Sam’s Evidence-Based Policy Panel Looking for Input

n the coming year a 15-member panel created through a new federal law will examine how data, research and evaluation are currently being used in policy and program design, and how they could be.

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App vs. website: Which best protects your privacy?

That’s the ques­tion that North­eastern researchers, led by assis­tant pro­fessor David Choffnes, ask in new research that explores how free app- and web- based ser­vices on Android and iOS mobile devices com­pare with respect t…

Government is now tracking your medications … No privacy or escape from tyranny

(NaturalNews) The digital age is leading to the end of centuries-old constitutional privacy guarantees, as evidenced by the growth of Internet cloud-based data storage and electronic records, both of which are too easily accessible to prying eyes enabl…

Security and Privacy in the Digital Era

  Information and communication technologies, particularly in the digital era, but also with the contribution of biometric applications, geolocation, video surveillance, make it possible to control civil society. The freedoms guaranteed by…

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