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Stemming from EU BON, new research calls for action: Overcoming the barriers to the use of conservation science in policy

Just accepted, a new paper in Conservation Letters looks at the barriers and solutions to the use of conservation science in policy. The main data used in the paper are from a global multi-lingual survey filled in by 758 research scientists, practit…

Russia must strengthen role in global space industry

Moscow (Sputnik) Nov 17, 2016

The Russian president said that the country should expand its participation in international commercial projects to strengthen its positions in space industry

Russia must strengthen its positions in global space in…

Oh dear: Defending against the enemies of science

From Shawn Otto at Scientific American: Four years ago in Scientific American, I warned readers of a growing problem in American democracy. The article, entitled “Antiscience Beliefs Jeopardize U.S. Democracy,” charted how it had not only become acceptable, but often required, for politicians to embrace antiscience positions, and how those positions flew in the face […]

Liberal Academe May Be ‘Open’ But Is It Tolerant?

If we value contrary opinion on campus, say social psychologist Mark Brandt, it’s important to ask: Where are the conservatives?

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