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The People and the State

The win for Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election raises many questions about democracy and the ways in which populist movements and protest against the state are emerging in the 21st century. His success reflects a trend for mass protests against existing regimes that have been endemic in both democratic and non-democratic states over the […]

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George Soros on tape: Trump will win popular vote in ‘landslide,’ but Hillary Clinton’s electoral victory is already ‘a done deal’

(NaturalNews) In recent weeks, Democrats have attempted to paint Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump as a lunatic for claiming that the election is going to be rigged in favor of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.Even Republican politic…

Why do “science” issues split along party lines?

From Lauren Griffin at The Conversation, we learn: Having a more complete understanding of when and why liberals and conservatives trust science helps avoid oversimplifications. It’s an important stopgap using oversimplified assumptions to denigrate those who disagree with us politically. None of this is to suggest that the anti-science viewpoints exhibited by Republican politicians on […]

Science can FIX it! Whatever “it” is. Whatever “science” is…

From New Scientist: Unconscious biases and data-torturing are weakening our knowledge base – but unlike politicians and bankers, scientists aren’t covering up their failings I started hearing in the mid-90s, about how scientists were going to fix all that stuff, but they didn’t actually do much better than politicians and bankers. Science cannot afford to […]

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