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Polarized object detection in crabs: a two-channel system [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Melanie Ailin Basnak, Veronica Perez-Schuster, Gabriela Hermitte, and Martin Beron de AstradaMany animal species take advantage of polarization vision for vital tasks such as orientation, communication, and contrast enhancement. Previous studies have …

Team discovers Neptune-like planet forming in giant dust disk

Using an array of radio telescopes in Chile, scientists have observed a planet being born from a giant dust disk 176 light years away, according to a new study published in Astrophysical Journal Letters. The developing planet is believed to be a large ice planet, comparable to Uranus or Neptune in our Solar System. In […]

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Polarization sensitivity in Collembola: an experimental study of polarotaxis in the water-surface-inhabiting springtail, Podura aquatica [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Adam Egri, Alexandra Farkas, György Kriska, and Gabor HorvathThe 6-ommatidium ventral eye of the water-surface-inhabiting springtail Poduara aquatica has horizontal and vertical microvilli and perceives light from the ventral, frontal and fron…

Intuitive representation of photopolarimetric data using the polarization ellipse [METHODS [amp ] TECHNIQUES]

Yakir Luc Gagnon and Nicholas Justin MarshallPhotopolarimetry is the spatial characterization of light polarization. Unlike intensity or wavelength, we are largely insensitive to polarization and therefore find it hard to explore the multidimensional d…

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