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Fourth grader applies to become NASA’s Planetary Protection Officer

When NASA announced recently that it was seeking applicants for a new Planetary Protection Officer position – someone to keep Earth safe from alien microbes and other worlds from being contaminated by terrestrial organisms – there was no doubt that it would draw lots of interest. Among those who took the time to apply for […]

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Deep Space Communications

  A collection of some of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s space missions selected to represent the planetary communications designs for a progression of various types of missionsThe text uses a case study approach to show the communication…

Rob Sheldon on science and the US election

Sheldon, our physics and physics colour commentator, responds based on his personal experiences to the news from Nature that many scientists “stunned” by the Trump win: There’s been a lot of hyperventilating by the intelligentsia about the consequences of a Republican sweep of House, Senate and Presidency. Many fear that Republicans in general, and Trump […]

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