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A place for host-microbe symbiosis in the comparative physiologist’s toolbox [COMMENTARY]

Kevin D. Kohl and Hannah V. Carey
Although scientists have long appreciated that metazoans evolved in a microbial world, we are just beginning to appreciate the profound impact that host-associated microbes have on diverse aspects of animal biology. Th…

Demystifying animal ‘personality (or not): why individual variation matters to experimental biologists [COMMENTARY]

Dominique G. Roche, Vincent Careau, and Sandra A. BinningAnimal ‘personality’, defined as repeatable inter-individual differences in behaviour, is a concept in biology that faces intense controversy. Critics argue that the field is riddled…

Science IS Intelligent Design

It is the common, uninformed and apparently biased expression of many anti-ID advocates that “science” makes all sorts of discoveries and advances, while Intelligent Design makes none.  This is claimed as if science and ID are two entirely different things. Although not under the specific label of “Intelligent Design”, the inventors of modern science believed […]

Mitochondrial physiology in the skeletal and cardiac muscles is altered in torrent ducks, Merganetta armata, from high altitudes in the Andes [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Neal J. Dawson, Catherine M. Ivy, Luis Alza, Rebecca Cheek, Julia M. York, Beverly Chua, William K. Milsom, Kevin G. McCracken, and Graham R. ScottTorrent ducks inhabit fast-flowing rivers in the Andes from sea level to altitudes up to 4,500 m. We exa…

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