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Einstein in four *spatial* dimension

Why many physicists chose to define the universe in terms of the physical properties of a time or space-time dimension instead of four *spatial* dimensions is puzzling because, as was shown in the earlier article "Defining time" Sept 20, 2007 there is no observational evidence supporting it having physical properties.  Gravity and space-time But even […]

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Spying on Dogs: Intrigue, drama and science

Taste-testing. (C) Julie Hecht Dogs don’t write. At least not in a way easily understood by people, and certainly not with a pen or pencil. You could argue that dogs “write” with their urine. Some dogs seem quite familiar with Morse code — eviden…

Researchers Find That Billboard Advertising Distracts Drivers

Michael Harper for – Your Universe Online

In recent years, it’s become increasingly clear just how dangerous distracted driving can be. Mobile carriers like AT&T have implemented programs to encourage drivers to stay off their ph…

Build And Launch A Mini-Rocket

Combine simple household items to make a rocket propulsion system. MATERIALS Paper Pencil Scissors Glue Alka-Seltzer tablets Water Empty film canister STEP 1 Design your rocket, drawing it on paper. A simple cylinder, nose cone, and a pair of fins wil…

The Funded Paxata Interesante Space Pencil

Here are the latest fundings from Silicon Valley companies, announced or filed recently with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
The Funded is a recurring feature where we post new fundings …

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