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Longitudinal quasi-static stability predicts changes in dog gait on rough terrain [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Simon Wilshin, Michelle A. Reeve, G. Clark Haynes, Shai Revzen, Daniel E. Koditschek, and Andrew J. SpenceLegged animals utilize gait selection to move effectively and must re-cover from environmental perturbations. We show that on rough terrain domes…

Adaptation to life in aeolian sand: how the sandfish lizard, Scincus scincus, prevents sand particles from entering its lungs [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Anna T. Stadler, Bostjan Vihar, Mathias Günther, Michaela Huemer, Martin Riedl, Stephanie Shamiyeh, Bernhard Mayrhofer, Wolfgang Böhme, and Werner Baumgartner
The sandfish lizard, Scincus scincus (Squamata: Scincidae), spends nearly it…

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