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Amazon river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis) modify biosonar output level and directivity during prey interception in the wild [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Michael Ladegaard, Frants Havmand Jensen, Kristian Beedholm, Vera Maria Ferreira da Silva, and Peter Teglberg MadsenToothed whales have evolved to live in extremely different habitats and yet they all rely strongly on echolocation for finding and catc…

Searle on Consciousness “Emerging” from a Computer: “Miracles are always possible.”

Thanks to johnnyb for alerting us to John Searle’s talk at Google in his last post.  Johnny said he had only listened to about 45 minutes in when he wrote his post.  Too bad, because the best part of the entire vid is the following colloquy between a questioner and Searle that begins at 58:25: […]

Autoregulation of cardiac output is overcome by adrenergic stimulation in the anaconda heart [SHORT COMMUNICATION]

William Joyce, Michael Axelsson, and Tobias WangMost vertebrates increase cardiac output during activity by elevating heart rate with relatively stable stroke volume. However, several studies have demonstrated ‘intrinsic autoregulation’ of…

Speed-dependent interplay between local pattern-generating activity and sensory signals during walking in Drosophila [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Volker Berendes, Sasha N. Zill, Ansgar Büschges, and Till BockemühlIn insects, the coordinated motor output required for walking is based on the interaction between local pattern-generating networks providing basic rhythmicity and leg …

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