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Mummified smallpox virus shows the disease isn’t as old as we thought

The mummy of a young boy discovered buried in a crypt beneath a Lithuanian church contains the oldest-known complete set of smallpox genes, and scientists hope that the discovery will shed new light on the history of the infamous pathogen, according to NPR and BBC News reports. Save for a few secured, frozen samples, smallpox […]

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Australia: Oldest jewelry so far found, at 46 kya

From Alice Klein at New Scientist: A crafted piece of bone found in Australia looks as if it were designed to be worn in the nasal septum – making it the oldest bone jewellery belonging to Homo sapiens to be identified anywhere in the world. The finding shows that the first humans to reach Australia […]

Study: Life on land backdated to 3.22 billion years ago

From ScienceDaily: Life took hold on land at least as early as 3.2 billion years ago, suggests a study. The team studied ancient rock formations from South Africa’s Barberton greenstone belt. These rocks are some of the oldest known on Earth, with their formation dating back to 3.5 billion years. … These rocks are some […]

Physicists make it possible to 3-D print your own baby universe

London, UK (SPX) Nov 02, 2016

Researchers have created a 3D printed cosmic microwave background – a map of the oldest light in the universe – and provided the files for download. The cosmic microwave background (CMB) is a glow that the universe has…

Oldest known planet-forming disk found

Washington DC (SPX) Oct 25, 2016

A group of citizen scientists and professional astronomers, including Carnegie’s Jonathan Gagne, joined forces to discover an unusual hunting ground for exoplanets. They found a star surrounded by the oldest known c…

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