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Can particles that don’t exist reshape reality?

So reports Andrea Taroni at New Scientist: Chances are, too, you’re nowhere near the vision of particles painted by our best picture of how they work, quantum theory. This says that despite making up stuff that definitely has a size – ourselves, the paper or screen you’re reading this on – particles occupy a point […]

Information is not like matter or energy

From reader Gutman Levitan: I am a computer scientists and communications engineer with “unlikely” interests in nature of information and information in the nature. The interest stems basically from my research in applied AI. That was decades ago in the Soviet Union but only recently I was able to concentrate on the issues. More. From […]

From indignation to norms against violence in Occupy Geneva: A case study for the problem of the emergence of norms

Why and how do norms emerge? Which norms emerge and why these ones in particular? Such questions belong to the ‘problem of the emergence of norms’, which consists of an inquiry into the production of norms in social collectives. I address …

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