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Evolving Door: Moving from Researcher to Research Manager

In this archived hour-long seminar, Social Science Space blogger Robert Dingwall discusses the organizational requirements and the useful skills that can be built to support the individual who wants to be a reasearch manager and the ecosystem — in both social science and STEM settings — that can support such striving.

The highly engineered transition to vertebrates: an example of functional information analysis

    In the recent thread “That’s gotta hurt” Bill Cole states: I think over the next few years 3 other origins (my note: together with OOL), will start to be recognized as equally hard to explain: The origin of eukaryotic cell: difficult to explain the origin of the spliceosome, the nuclear pore complex and […]

The man who mistook himself for a fish

Over at Pharyngula, PZ Myers (who is a cladist) has written an entertaining but misguided post titled, Yes, you are a fish. In today’s post, I’ll argue that the key to classifying organisms correctly isn’t phylogeny, anatomy or genetics; it’s embryology. Only embryology can tell us something specific about an organism’s past and present characteristics, […]

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