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Oops: “A Large Proportion of the Mammalian Genome is Functional”

No sooner had Dan Graur finished his talk at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution this week on how if ENCODE’s conclusion (that much of our genome is functional rather than junk) is true, then evolution is false, but that ENCODE most assuredly is not true, that the human genome… more

Dan Graur Gave a Great Talk This Week

Evolution has always had a love-hate relationship with biological junk. When scientists discover something new in biology but don’t understand it, evolutionists—who believe everything in the universe just happened to form by chance—decide it is a useless evolutionary leftover. Such a useless design is pressed into service as an evolution apologetic. Is not our useless… more

Why they call it the Cambrian explosion

A visual explanation of why Darwin doubted. Then blamed the facts. Then his followers blamed doubters. Sounds like Tuesday now every day. more

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