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Academy of Social Sciences Names 69 New Fellows

Sixty-nine academics, practitioners and policymakers from across the social sciences are now fellows of Britain’s Academy of Social Sciences the venerable society announced Thursday. Fellows are chosen after an extensive peer review process for the excellence and impact of their work using social science for public benefit.

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From Illustra Media: New origin of life film, the trailer

More info at Evolution News & Views: In a New Documentary, Origin, Paul Nelson and Ann Gauger Confront the Enigma of Chemical Evolution Materialist accounts of origins face a dual challenge — biological evolution and chemical evolution. The latter describes the problem of generating life from nonlife in the hostile environment of the early Earth. […]

Presidential Elections and Party Unity

As we head toward the 2016 nominating conventions, both presumptive nominees Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton face questions about their ability to unify their parties around their candidacies, both at the political elite level and the grass roots level.

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